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Fit and active in an Alberta winter
By Jane Marshall


Hat on. Boots laced. Thermos filled with hot chocolate and placed in your pack.

It’s time to go snowshoeing!

Alberta is the perfect place for snowshoeing. Why, you might ask?


Where To Go Snowshoeing

Check out this Travel Alberta Article:


Campers Village and Balanced Bodies by Keri

Group snowshoeing and expert advice

Campers Village likes to help you get outside. We’ve partnered with Keri Bowzaylo to link you to a wild woman with serious skills.

Keri is an interpretive guide, personal trainer, co-owner of Wild Women Adventures, and ultra-marathoner. And guess how she stays fit during winters?

Yep. By snowshoeing.

Keri got into snowshoeing 7 years ago. Now, not only does she snowshoe for her personal fitness and fun, but she also guides snowshoe retreats in the Jasper area.

“Pretty much every weekend I’m snowshoeing in the mountains!”

Snowshoeing in Alberta
Image: Keri Bowzaylo - Wild Woman Adventures

Why Keri loves snowshoeing:

“As intense as snowshoeing can be, the beauty is the slower pace. Your brain slows, and you can appreciate the scenery. I embrace the experience of being in nature and the mountains.”

Keri’s Snowshoeing Tips

“I’ve tried all kinds of gear. Based on trial and error, here are my tips:”

  • Dress in layers. Wear 3 layers: Base, mid, and shell. Then, when you get sweaty, you can take off as needed.
  • Consider your footwear. Avoid fashion boots or heavy Sorels for longer trips.
    • Invest in a pair of good GORE-TEX hiking boots for active snowshoeing.
  • Try wool. I’m a Smartwool girl all the way. Socks, shirts, bras, everything!

How Rude! Snowshoe Etiquette

  • Don’t step on cross country ski tracks
  • Be mindful on multi-use trails
  • Have fun!

Snowshoeing is a fantastic sport for all ages. Once you have the gear, that’s it. You’re ready. Do your trail research in advance, then it’s time to head out!

To connect with Keri for upcoming trips and retreats:



Follow Keri on Instagram: bb_by_keri


Want to Take Some Snowshoe Courses?

Check out the City of Edmonton’s River Valley courses and choose from activities like snowshoeing and bannock making. Or the University of Calgary’s snowshoe lectures or guided trips.

Snowshoeing Fitness Tech Specs

The University of California’s Berkeley Wellness publication calls snowshoeing a great workout:

  • Snowshoeing is often more strenuous than walking
  • Snowshoeing burns about 350 calories per hour at a 3 mile/hour pace
  • A faster snowshoe pace burns up to 500 calories/hour
  • Using ski poles increases calories burned to between 800-1 thousand calories per hour
  • Using poles provides a good upper body workout

Free Guided Mountain Excursion

Want to go for a free guided snowshoe excursion in the mountains? Join us January 26th or February 16th, as Interpretive Guide, Keri Bowzaylo, takes us on a snowshoe trek in the mountains! It's free to attend, however pre-registration is required. Click here for more details.