Words: Evan Wishloff 
Images: @dakota_the_foxred_lab 

There’s no shortage of gift guides, gift ideas, and gentle nudges to remind you to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, but what about dogs? I recently sat down with Douglas the Fox-Red Lab, part of the the Campers Village family, to get the lowdown on how dogs feel left out during the holidays and how to fix it.

Evan Wishloff  – First of all, thanks for taking the time for this.

Douglas the Fox-Red Lab – Woof, wuff. Bow-wow woof. Ruff owff, woff waff.

Okay! Before I lose too many readers, I’ll stop the transcribed interview…

I didn’t actually sit down with Dakota (although given how adorable that dog is, I kind of wish I did), but I did chat with some of our dog-loving store guides to get the low-down on what you can get for the dog lover (or your own dog) this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Guides for Canines, Dogs, Doggos and Puppers,  

For Adventuring Dogs

Ruffwear Quencher Bowl

Adventuring dogs need to drink, even in the winter! And while you may think letting them eat snow is alright, there can be salt and other chemicals contained within that are harmful to your dogs health.

Take the packable, lightweight water/food bowl from Ruffwear everywhere you go, and your dog will thank you.

Ruffwear Quencher Bowl for Dogs

Ruffwear Approach Pack

It’s time for your dog to start carrying some of the weight on your next adventure! Made for the most adventurous of dogs, the Ruffwear Approach Pack allows you to load up your dog with its own food, water dish and poo bags.

Great for longer walks or hikes, and even overnight adventures, the Approach Pack also doubles as a harness to enhance fit and stability.

Ruffwear Approach Pack for Adventure Dogs in the Backcountry


Packtowl Personal Towel

Dogs love mud. It’s just a fact. If you’re on an adventure with a dog, even in the middle of a desert, somehow, at the end, muddy paws are inevitable. Wipe them clean with the ultra-portable and lightweight Packtowl, available in various sizes for various sized dogs. 

Anti-microbial properties reduce the stinky wet dog smell, and the super absorbent fabric helps preventing matting of the dogs fur, keeping them dry and comfy!


For Dog Walking

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness provides great support, mobility and comfort for your dog, all while helping you keep them under control. It’s great for dogs still in training, but also works fine as a daily dog-walking harness for better behaved pups.

The wide, padded design prevents fur matting and hot-spots on your dog, and the hidden ID pocket lets you tuck in the dog tags to prevent them from rattling, making noise, or even getting lost.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness


Nite Ize Pick-A-Poo Dispenser

I was once a walk through the river valley of a small town in Alberta, and came across a sign that said “There is no poop fairy.” And while it’s kind of a weird thing for a town to put on an official town-endorsed sign (there was even an illustration of what I presume is a fictitious poop fairy…) the message holds true.

Don’t be that person – there is no poop fairy. Somebody has to pick up that dog poo, and if it’s from your pup, it should be you!

Never find yourself without poo bags again with the Pick-A-Poo dispenser. Clip it to your leash so you’ll never forget it at home, and be a responsible dog owner forever. (Or, if you know a friend who doesn’t pick up their dog’s doodoo, this makes a fantastic passive-aggressive gift.  Just saying.)

Nite Ize Dog Poo Bag Carrier


Nite Ize PetLit Collar Light

There is approximately 4 hours of sunlight at this time of year. Okay, that's an exxageration, but, if you know somebody walking their dog at this time of year, chances are they are doing it in the dark. Be safe by being seen with this perfect stocking stuffer: a PetLit LED Collar Light from Nite Ize. The integrated caribiner makes it easy to clip onto a dogs harness, collar or leash, and the included batter lasts for 24 hours before needing replacement. 

LED Dog Collar Light

For Boujee Dogs

Because dogs like to live a life of luxury too!

Kuma Dog Bed

When you’re out camping, it doesn’t make sense to relax in your uber comfortable luxurious camp chair while expecting a dog to tough it out on the cold, hard ground. Enter the Kuma Dog Bed, in their classic red plaid color.

Keeping your dog off the ground isn’t just about living a life of luxury for your dog, it also helps prevent fleas, ticks, ring worms, and even helps with sore joints. The removable cushion is easy to wash, and the mesh base allows wet dogs to dry without having to sit in a pool of water and filth.

Kuma Camping Dog Bed

Yeti Boomer 8 Dog Bowl

Perfect for guy who you’ve heard say things like “Foam coozie? What are you, living in 2002?” who also happens to own a dog, the Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl is the perfect spoil-a-doggo gift.

This bad boy is the most durable dog bowl on the market, featuring double wall steel, a bearfoot non-slip base, BPA-free construction, and best of all, dishwasher safe design.

Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl