By: Evan Wishloff 

Okay, hate is definitely too strong of a word. I am annoyed by my Stanley French Press. That’s more accurate.

But why am I annoyed? How can I be annoyed with a product from a legendary brand that’s been around for over 100 years?

  • It’s a coffee maker - the kind of coffee maker that will likely outlast me on this earth. 
  • It’s insulated, meaning that pot of coffee stays hot long after it’s brewed. Although let’s be honest, the coffee is always drank quick enough that the insulated bottle is a non-factor for me. 
  • It’s simple to take apart and clean. 
  • It’s durable. I’ll throw this french press loose into the back of a pickup truck bed before a camping trip without batting an eye. It can roll around in the back of the truck box on a rough, backcountry gravel road - Stanley can handle it! 

It’s the kind of coffee maker that we should all strive to have - something simple, durable, and timeless - a product that you buy once and own for your entire life.

So why am I annoyed by my Stanley French Press? Because it’s so durable! 

I got my Stanley French Press as a gift from a girlfriend, now ex, a few years ago. It came with a cheesy note that said our bond was as unbreakable as this french press. 

Pro-tip: never, ever, ever compare anything in your life to the durability of Stanley. 10 times out of 10, Stanley is going to outlast whatever you are comparing to it. It’s just a fact - Stanley is for life. 

I can’t bring myself to get rid of it because it’s so damn useful and durable, but everytime I bust it out to make a cup of coffee, along with it comes a stream of memories and heartbreak I’d rather leave in the past. 

I will admit, I’ve been even rougher than usual with it since, hoping something will happen that could justify throwing it away. 

It now lives in a tote with cast iron pans, spending each adventurous drive into the mountains for a camping trip clanging around loosely. When it comes time to unload at a campsite, instead of walking over to the picnic table from the car with my French Press, I’ll sometimes carelessly throw it over, saving a trip of walking back and forth. I even threw it down onto concrete from a 2nd floor balcony as part of a tongue-in-cheek Stanley Christmas gift guide video

But, no matter how careless I am with it, the Stanley continues to brew a mean cup of coffee, dents, dings, scratches, crooked plunger handle and all. 

And as long as it keeps continuing to be useful, I’ll continue to be mildly annoyed with it.